AmyStephen: How to properly start the highway of the exile army? Path of Exile Guide 2.0

How to properly start the highway of the exile army? Path of Exile Guide 2.0

16 Июл 2019 в 05:52am


When the legion was in chaos, the battle is arriving. The exiles must fight for release, however, doing this is not voluntary.

From June 7th, 2019, the three.7.0 update army in the Path of Exile officially started. Although several months have transpired, it is possible to few players struggling from the adventure, so i became a predecessor until recently, i am according to My own experience has compiled helpful tips i have summarized, seeking to help you.


Like the description of "the most robust military leader inside history of Wraeclast continues to be fighting an eternal war with GGG", the exiles must fight for endless battles. The Liberation Army and fight with regards to battles. Valuable rewards.

The battle won't ever stop, the exiles will encounter a lot of monsters and enemies, as a way to complete the task, they'll need new alliance mechanisms, potentially profitable new skills and items. Once successful, they will get a spoiler as a reward.

Eternal pillar

There is surely an eternal boulder Atlanta divorce attorneys area of ​​Wraeclast, make sure they get connected to it, it exposes the monsters within the Legion and freezes with time. When a monster moves and reduces its health to zero, it deals problems for the monster. Time has limitations, after the monsters end up to attack the ball player, so before they ought to be killed the most beneficial. if all goes well, the ball player will have an opportunity to Buy POE Currency the reward from your monster. More dangerous monsters, in short, the exile must control the attacking monster at the earliest opportunity.

Corps project

Fragments can fall from some monsters, including Timeless Eternal Empire Splinter, Timeless Karui Splinter, Timeless Maraketh Splinter, Timeless Templar Splinter, and Timeless Vaal Splinter, that may be combined produce a military badge. Although the logo is only able to be used inside a specific laboratory or map device, the timeless eternal symbol must be used inside the Templar Lab or personal map device.

Only several different flags are placed inside the map device, which unlocks the portal towards the domain on the eternal conflict.

Another new reward may be the incubator, that may be placed on a specific thing. Once a player kills a specific number of enemies over the item, he can receive the corresponding reward, because it's called hatching item. This time you'll find 26 incubators, that happen to be divided into different levels in line with different hatching effects.

Challenge and reward

Any challenge, each and every time they complete, they'll be rewarded accordingly, like some in the game's crowns, trophies, wings along with items, which may be used within the Legion League.

in conclusion

POE updates can be a bold breakthrough, with new content inside your, some massive rework, more exciting rewards, and faster-paced activities. in short, it is extremely good.

However, so that you can perform better from the game, I also used an added item that you could have considered but never tried.

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I assume that if you want to ask some questions, it is possible to answer your concerns within 20 seconds. i wish you best of luck.


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