AmyStephen: The release of "The Path of Exile: The Legion" has achieved amazing success!

The release of "The Path of Exile: The Legion" has achieved amazing success!

15 Июл 2019 в 05:12am


These are conditions need to be resolved without delay:

When the Shaper freezes the zone, you'll be able to kick out errors that perform way too many operations.
Common client crashes which could occur when changing zones.
The client crash took place the battle between Great and Drek, Apex Hunter (Fields Map Boss).
A client crash that Path of Exile Currency may occur when you use Dancing Dervish.
A client crash which could occur through the Legion encounter.
You will use the booting way to get stuck while using error.
Highlight an object's error after using certain skills.
After opening the Temple of Azova, Alva would not provide the new invasion error.

Re-enabling Asenath's Gentle Touch explosion after fixing the bug that inadvertently damaged the ball player.

Some players cannot activate maps since they have sacred ships into their map devices.

We've seen some players ask to enhance the visibility with the Legion icon on monsters, gesnerals, and boxes, and add the crooks to the minimap. One from the early iterations in the Legion Alliance included monsters for the small map, boxes, and During the overall game test, we found it to feel too bad because individuals spend Buy POE Currency almost all of their time watching small games as an alternative to focusing on the battles when in front of them.

Therefore, the sport completely disables the mini icon with any situation that Legion rewards. This can cause you to release some monsters with rewards and at last, forget where they're in the position that sometimes loses rewards. This also doesn't really feel Good.

Our next iteration participation adding a tiny map icon but only after activating the Legion Enemy. This is where we have now use the minimap icon and also the best with the three scenarios we have now tried.


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