xiayumin: The Path to Exile's biggest improvement in the Legion

The Path to Exile's biggest improvement in the Legion

11 Июл 2019 в 05:19am

Let's continue to say what we didn't finish yesterday.
Other minor modifications to "Gladiator", "Champion" and "Health" can also take effect.

General change
Skill animations are usually canceled from the first 20% of the attack or cast time, or canceled after the effect is valid. If you are unable to cancel the specific skill for a limited time, cancel the former to activate the replacement skill. For the latter, you won't be able to use other skills or moves except for a moment of movement. These should allow you to avoid more attacks or reduce accidental skill activation.

Accuracy calculations now achieve 100% accuracy. Players will have the ability to see the likelihood that Buy POE Currency they will hit a normal enemy. The accuracy is about 3,000 points, and you have a 100% chance of hitting 83 enemies. Because of this, some skills have changed because those technologies can easily reach this number. Besides, through one of the changes, the monster may be more likely to hit the player.

Some skills that increase mobility in some way have been classified as travel skills. Molten Shell and Immortal Call are connected to the new Iron skin, making them beneficial to the careful user. Other skills are weakened as well.

And this is not even all
Passive tree changes must have a completely different change, especially if you want to analyze everyone. There are also changes to items, such as daggers and staves that can also receive certain modifiers. Some unique items have become more difficult to obtain. Then there is an update of weapons and jewelry. You may need to mmoah.com save your PoE currency to connect to these changes.

Grinding Gear Games is realizing their commitment to making the road to exile bigger. In their patch declaration, it is clear that we can expect their subsequent balanced patches and new features. We can all expect Path of Exile to be more detailed and perfect iterative.

Continue to enjoy the road to exile!


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