xiayumin: Introducing the greatest improvement of Path of Exile in the legion

Introducing the greatest improvement of Path of Exile in the legion

10 Июл 2019 в 05:22am

With each release of the expansion, the road to exile has become larger and larger. The Legion, the Modern Legion, provided wonderful updates for loyal fans and newcomers. From the improvement and balance of melee combat to a new map/regional mechanics, these changes will change the old practice of POE or horizontal grinding.

So needless to say, the changes listed in the Legion are listed below.

Melee fighting
First of all, regarding melee fighting, the Legion changed the speed of weapon attack. It should now better match the animation and show a significant difference between a fast slash and a slow slam. At the lower levels, melee fighting continues to change to reflect a more powerful weapon version. Higher levels of weapons should be more flexible than lower levels of weapons. It also means that the speed of attack depends on Buy POE Items the weapon level and the skills it might use.

Close combat can hit multiple enemies within its range and show better animation. It eases the flow of the battle and changes the rhythm of the attack. This change has been adopted in each category.

Along with these changes, there will be new animation effects when the monster is hit by the player. You can also expect skill gems, any melee game style can be returned with this update!

Dominant class
The predators’ dominant class chiefs and mad warriors, as well as the duels’ killers, also received some changes. The chieftain will end an amazing fire-based attacker with impeccable life regeneration and good melee totem skills. Berserkers get the most potential damage output, but it costs a price. As we said, his recovery tool has been converted to a lite version, allowing players to POE Currency focus on more Dakka.

As for the killer, he won the regional bonus, the new Critical Synergy, and the unique Frenzy and Endurance charging mechanisms. With this, he has consolidated his position as a person who can make a real difference. Besides, he can solve a large number of problems for unique enemies.

Follow me, tomorrow I will post an article about the rest of the update.



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