asim: Some Ideas About Purchasing Abstract Art - Part 2 of 3

Some Ideas About Purchasing Abstract Art - Part 2 of 3

3 Июл 2019 в 11:17pm

That, Which We Learned Already, In The Foregoing Part 

In the foregoing part, of this short article, we learned to judge the artist's career, and not to judge the art, itself. We learned some ways, for us to discover worthy investments, in abstract art. Now I am going to talk about, for the benefit, some specific artists, in order that you will see the strategy in action.

Here Is One Way, To Pre-Qualify An Artist, For Your Investment 
Listed here is an illustration, Brittany Sanders. At age 25 (as of September, 2009) she is not even listed in Wikipedia. Meaning that she's not even "big league ".

Why Should We Be Excited About Brittany? 
Yet Brittany's stuff has been exhibited by the Met, and is on display in the MOMA abstract art gallery, Yale University, the Getty Museum, and in the New York Public Library.

We would need to guess, that, if she, and the abstract art market, don't fall into harm, then, in that case, she is likely to be big league ere long, so it's a "hurryup" matter, to get her stuff, while it is still cheap, if you should be an investor. Probably her stuff is a great investment, and will rise in value. Brittany works in abstract water color paintings, abstract art prints, abstract art books, and, abstract art gouache paintings.

An Other Type Of Artist's Career 
Let's compare Brittany to some other abstract artist, Tim Tyree. Unlike Brittany, Tim doesn't make abstract wall art, but rather he specializes in abstract art sculpture.

The only real mention, that I really could find, of him, in the initial 20 Google results, was to express that his abstract artwork sculptures would be shown, through August, 2009, at a coffee and gift shop, in a tiny town, south of Toledo, Ohio, and that his work is manufactured out of everyday items. 
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famous abstract artists I discovered no images of his abstract art for sale, nor every other lore about him, than any particular one event. However much you could like his abstract art work, I'd say that it would be a dubious investment, unless he were to push his name a bit harder, than he did, until today.

In Which Instance, Might You Profit From Tim's Art? 
The exception, to that particular thought, to the thought of not investing in Tim Tyree's art, will be, in the event that you yourself are a promoter, and you would care to market his artworks yourself.

Now, I have been looking for, for you, several types of examples, many different, from each other, to ensure that you may get a notion, of the different types, of careers, that you might want to watch.

Why I Think, That The Next Example Is A "Possible" 
Another one is just a possible "late bloomer ".For 62 years, he has not gained a lot of repute, unless I've missed finding some lore about him. Yet, his work was recently shown an abstract art sale, alongside prints by Kandinsky.

Just in case you don't know it, Kandinsky is considered to be one of many "greats" of abstract expressionism art, and other abstract arts. The artist's name is Patrick Jones. He is not really in Wikipedia. Patrick's art was displayed in the Hayward Gallery in London, in the 1980's. He specializes in abstract painting art, and in abstract art prints. The Hayward Gallery is listed in Wikipedia, this means it is probably an organization of some consequence. However, that event is spoken of, as although it was a peak in his career, and not part of a continual rising.

Instances Of "Late Bloomers" In Business 
You will find certain careers, wherein the total "oomph" is given, only in the later years of life. One example is the famous primitive painter, Grandma Moses, and another is "Colonel" Sanders, the founder of the successful Kentucky Fried Chicken chain of fast-food restaurants. Both of them began their careers when these were inside 70's. Patrick's career could be of a type with Grandma Moses and "Colonel" Sanders. Or it will not.

How To Anticipate, If Patrick's Worth Will Grow 
What I'd recommend, is that you watch for news of him, possibly develop a Google news alert, and see whether he begins to show a pattern of increasing impact upon the communications media, with recognition from potent institutions. In the event that you see such a pattern emerging, then I would recommend that you buy his art, before he becomes mentioned in Wikipedia. You can get, by him abstract wall art, including abstract canvas art, or an abstract art print.

How To Avoid "Overcrowded" Searching Results 
Since his name is very a standard one, I suggest that you combine some of one's searches with the name of the town, wherein his studio is situate, to wit Lympstone. I'd put the name "Patrick Jones" in quotation marks, and the word "Lympstone" outside the quotation marks. You might also search his name, along with anyone, of the words "abstract", "art", or "artist ".

That, Which You Will Find, In Part 3, Upcoming 
In Part 3, I'll go deeper, into the subject, with you. I shall tell, for you, of a "hot


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