xiayumin: Path of Exile: Today's synthesis for PC and Xbox One

Path of Exile: Today's synthesis for PC and Xbox One

29 Июн 2019 в 05:21am

The first expansion path in exile in 2019 is being prepared for publication today. After that, you will encounter a mysterious character named Canvas to help you relive his memory. After collecting memories, they may be attached to create a custom dungeon experience. Players may find "valuable rewards, new product opportunities, and deadly boss fights."

Integrated Challenge Alliance: With the new mechanism, the Integrated Challenge Alliance is perfect for returning and new players to POE Currency see the award-winning Path of Exile.
A mysterious new NPC: On the road to exile: Players will see a new NPC called Caves and help him recover his lost memory by fighting with them and collecting some memory.
Integrated new areas: Canvas' memories can be combined in a whole new area where players can get valuable rewards. Players will see many ways to combine memories to get the best rewards, including challenging boss encounters and valuable wealth.
Composite project: Players can combine broken items in the device to develop synthetic items - a unique base type. These synthetic items offer incredibly powerful production opportunities.
Betrayal becomes the core content: Because of this novelty, it has been welcomed by many players. The December BetrayalLeague is now integrated into the core game as the main content.
For PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4: The road to exile: More than just its existing PC and Xbox One platform, it will soon be available on POE Trade Currency PlayStation 4.

The above is the general content of this synthesis. Do you know that you are interested in watching the complete article?


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