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How to sync Transaction Between Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop

7 Июн 2019 в 06:45am

QuickBooks is commonly regarded as one of the most efficient accounting software all around the globe. This software is packed with several attractive features along with some advanced tools. This accounting software is highly suitable for small and medium-sized business. Even though they have been highly functional, there are certain issues which the users face while using this software. One issue which the users face is when they try to sync transaction between Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop. By going through this blog, the users can understand more about this issue. The users also have the option of connecting with quickbooks tech support number, where they would get professional assistance against any issue.


Ways to sync transaction between POS and QuickBooks Desktop

There are certain steps which the users can undertake when they wish to sync POS and QuickBooks Desktop. The steps that you would have to follow are as given below:


Step 1: Delete the entries in QuickBooks Desktop

If you are using the recovery feature or flagging option, then you would need to duplicate the transaction. Once you have copied the transaction you are then required to delete those entries from QuickBooks.


Solution 2: Sync Company and Point of Sale files in your device

You can easily solve this issue if you back up your POS from a registered device. Then users can then restore it to your back office station and then it would do the end of day process in the QuickBooks Desktop.

Some additional points that the users must keep in mind are as given below:

  • The users must ensure that their point of sale data is safely backed up in your hard drive.

  • The users must restore their backup in the registry copy of POS. Now this registry copy would have all the flagged data, and any data beyond this would not be marked as flagged.

  • Towards the finish of the following business day, back up your point of sale information record on the enroll PC, at that point reestablish it on the back office PC.

  • After finishing the whole day’s transaction, backup data must be restored in the registered device from the back office.

  • This registered console is ready for the other day’s work


The user also has the option of connecting with quickbooks customer support, where they would get all the required assistance in solving this issue. This customer service is available throughout the day and is completely free of charge.


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