urdolls: Will More People Admit That They Have Sex Dolls?

Will More People Admit That They Have Sex Dolls?

5 Июн 2019 в 05:45am

Does the sex doll make women objective?

What do sexual dolls think about the future of interpersonal relationships? Are we entering a world where we can choose not to interact with any face-to-face humans? Will more people be happy to admit that they own Real sex doll robots?


I asked her if her creation made women objective. “I think feminists have more important issues to worry about,” she said. "I don't think this doll has any harm. I don't think she is an objective woman. I don't think it's just because my man suddenly has a doll, he will go around and think that a woman is a doll."

Due to advances in technology, the sex doll robot has become more advanced. An engineer married a sex robot, and he used his own hands to make a cheesy movie in a strange love story.

ITV's Walker visited Dr. Santos' studio to meet his sex robots. As scientists and entrepreneurs compete to make robots, we can really approach, the future of love, sex and relationships are getting closer.

It is said that silicone-like doll robots can enhance the confidence of inexperienced men in lovers and help couples to split the erotic fantasies. A new book claims that they can be used to help lonely people and couples.

According to a new book, lifelike sex dolls can help them avoid being single when preparing relationships, and thus become a blessing to people. Dr. Sergi said that after making the doll, he was "Robin Hood of Sex", which he said could be used as a sex product.

Dr. Sergi also placed the sensor under the skin for the robot to respond. Gently touching her arm, she would recommend intimacy. Of course, you must first open her and then open her. According to Dr. Sergi, the real development is hidden behind her. Artificial intelligence, which allows sex doll robots to not only talk, but to react and interact, depending on what they say to her.

They can help people build a sense of sexual comfort and increase their confidence in their sexual ability. “Sexbots can also strengthen existing relationships by reducing the gender tensions that partners want.

Japanese sex dolls can make people play fantasy or indulge in the practices that their partners are not interested in. Earlier this year, the first western sex doll brothel opened in Barcelona. He worked in a company before starting his own company.

The 31-year-old has programmed the doll to be able to communicate with him using basic words, but he wants to be able to update it so that it can walk and help solve the housework around the house. According to the user's mood, from sex, family or entertainment, sex doll robots have different modes.

So who buys these TPE sex doll? "People like to think that these people are lonely, can't build relationships, have social problems - but that's not the case," Dr. Sergi insisted. “You may get married, want to add fun to your sex life, and we have couples and we have a wide range of ages.”

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