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How to See Birthdays on Your Facebook

4 Июн 2019 в 10:16am

Sometimes, you forget your friend’s birthday, especially when you have many friends added on your Facebook account. This article will tell you how to check birthdays of your friends on your Facebook and ensure that you don’t forget to wish happy birthday to your friend on time.

Steps to see birthdays on your Facebook

•    Go to the Facebook application in case you are using an iPhone or Android device.

•    Search for the Events option.

•    After finding it, press on the Events option.

•    Choose the “Birthdays” option.

•    Check the birthdays of Facebook friends.

•    Now, the Birthdays section is separated into many columns.

•    The first birthday section will show the names of the friends whose birthday it is today.

•    It indicates “Today’s Birthdays” on the upper side of the Facebook page.

•    The second birthday section  will show the names of the friends whose birthdays are coming after a few days

•    Ensure that you don’t forget to wish your friends on time.

•    In the third birthday column, you will see the profile picture of the friends whose birthday are on the last of the month.

•    You can go through the friends birthdays by sliding down to the screen.

Steps to see birthdays on your Facebook through the calendar

•    In case you choose the Calendar option rather than Birthdays option, then the pull-down menu of your Facebook friends birthday will show up on your screen.

•    But you will see your Facebook friends birthdays before from their birth date.

Steps to see birthdays of a particular Facebook friends

•    In case you wish to go through the birthday details for a particular Facebook friend, then click on the friend profile.

•    Press on the About option.

•    Here you will get all the personal details mentioned by the Facebook friend, which includes birth date, job details, age, and many more.

How to Post a birthday wish on Facebook?

•    Use Facebook Birthday Reminders

When your Facebook friend’s birthday is here, you will notice a reminder option on your Facebook profile, which is asking you to send a birthday wish to your friend. You need to press on the URL and enter a birthday wish message. After you press on the Publish option, you will see the wishes you have sent on the Facebook friend timeline.

•    Post on your friend timeline

Open your Facebook account and go to the friend time to whom you wish to send birthday wishes. Press on the Post symbol given under the profile picture and enter a birthday message in the provided box. You can also insert a picture or video from the device by pressing on the Camera symbol. Copy and paste the URL to the picture, video, or the birthday ecard on any other site.

•    Tag a friend on the Timeline

You can tag the Facebook friend in the birthday wishes which is posted on your Facebook timeline. Start entering the name of your Facebook friend and after that, choose it once it starts showing in the pull-down list. Now, you will see the Facebook friend full name on the screen. In case it is your close one, then remove the surname and leave the first name. The first name is enough to tag one of your Facebook friends because adding surname is only a formality. Now your friend and his Facebook friend can view the birthday wishes you have posted.

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