urdolls: Smart Sex Dolls Can Talk and Play Music

Smart Sex Dolls Can Talk and Play Music

23 Май 2019 в 06:13am

Users like to create fantasy through sex dolls

The sex doll brothel opened the door in the center of the red light district - all this was paid by the taxpayer. And your breasts are heavy, so customers can choose. TV show host Poorten said that sex doll brothels can also help fight crime.

Self-heating gloves with heaters, electric blanket-type gadgets, or can be placed in the body's warm circulation system, all running. The most popular silicone sex doll are pale, breast-sized and weigh between 158 and 170 cm (5 ft 2 ft to 5 ft 7 ft).

An old man imported a child-sized sex doll so that when his grandchildren visited his home, it fits in his closet. The father who hosted several forums dedicated to D cup sex doll and robots added that users often like to "create fantasy" when they enjoy it happily.

She said: "Think of illegal prostitution or trafficking. An Amsterdam citizen said he can imagine sleeping in the future with sex dolls. He said: "If I am bored, I need to have sex. ”


A divorced father has begun to make regular love with a new sex doll - where he describes the "extreme" facial expressions that she made when she was "pushed." The man was named after the alias Dollbanger, who talked about the doll named Tanabe created by California's sex doll company urdolls.

The pop-up brothel costs only £26 with the robot woman. In an interview with Daily Star Online, he said that he had had sex with her five times in the first two weeks of her possession. New technologies are being designed to heat the body of the robot, although the exact technology has not yet been determined.

People can choose the type of sex doll they want to have sex with. This is the setting that the company claims will allow her to "meet your maximum libido" - and Tanabe will be upgraded to include X mode in the next few weeks.

Brick said: "X mode is a gender model, and she will actually respond to you. China is currently facing a huge gender gap. In this country with 1.4 billion people, men are 33.6 million more than men. But one company thinks It may provide a solution for these lonely men - in the form of 'smart' sex dolls, can talk, play music, and even open the dishwasher.

The unusual brothel in Amsterdam was unveiled by the Slikken host - roughly translated as Shoot and Swallow - a controversial program about drugs and sex on public television in the Netherlands. For some people, heating is very important to their experience, and sex dolls feel very real.

A female tourist said that TPE sex doll are an interesting choice for people who need to make love. The importance of your offense is that the children's dolls you import are designed to enable you to realize the sexual fantasies that the child's image is intended to evoke.

“This is a sensor that tells her when she is pushed. This internet-connected toy is quite expensive and costs £2,800. In the following year, urdolls hopes to introduce more advanced sex doll robots. Has a similar facial expression and body movements.

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