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Why do men like sex dolls?

3 Май 2019 в 01:50pm

In Western society, we have some very Puritan ideas about sex, and our views on sex dolls are no exception. We think they are things we must be ashamed of, just as we do wrong by owning them. I say "we" because men are the majority of sex doll connoisseurs, but they are not alone. Women also like sex dolls. Today, however, we will talk about the joy of men in puppets, such as the well-known Venus.

Despite the myth, men who like sex dolls are as normal as men who don't like sex dolls. Studies have shown that men who like sex dolls have the same satisfaction with life as men who don't like sex. They also did not show a tendency to depression or antisocial behavior, just like a non-sex doll that a man likes.

Why do men like sex dolls?
Men like sex dolls for a variety of reasons, but three are the most common.

Art enjoyment
For some men, having silicone sex dolls is more than just having fun with holes. Sex dolls are art.
Before ridicule, look at statues like Venus in the art world. These statues are photographs of artists showing the ideal female - goddess. Although we keep ourselves (mostly) away from the worship of Venus and Aphrodite, we still value the image of women. This appreciation has been perfected in the sex dolls, and our preferred female qualities are idealized. Sex dolls also allow us to interact with the ultimate art.

2. iDollat ​​ry
A man who is very interested in sex dolls calls himself iDollat ​​ors. For iDollat ​​ors, sex dolls are more popular than real women, because real women can be “difficult”. For iDollat ​​ors, sex dolls don't betray her or ask her anything. She is not picky or hard to find. She is her. For many men, even for men who like real women, these reasons still exist. This could be a bad separation, a dry time for a date, or just a general frustration. Sex dolls are an escape and redemption.

3. The realization of fantasy
Not all forms of escape are due to negative experiences. Sometimes we just enjoy fantasy for the sake of imagination. tpe dolls are a great way to explore the illusions that a human mate might or may not want. These fantasies are as diverse as the men they own. Sex dolls are ideal because they are adaptable so their appearance can be adapted to the desired fantasy.

The kind of fantasies a man longs for is not the only reason a sex doll can become a true companion. Sometimes a fantasy partner may not accept it, causing controversy and may even be ashamed. People who have experienced this situation or who have shared fantasies with others have warned that they may prefer sex dolls and human partners to avoid stress. Sex dolls are not only suitable for every fantasy; she is also a partner who will not judge.

4. Fantasy of husband and wife
Sometimes couples also use sex dolls. Sometimes a woman can buy a sex doll so that her husband can enjoy his solo fantasy, especially if she does not share his fantasies. If one or the other is unable to enjoy sexual intimacy for health reasons, it is not uncommon for a sex love dolls to be purchased as an agent. Sex dolls like Megan are very customizable, so they can be designed to be as close as possible to your partner.

A true sex doll is also a way for couples to enjoy a fantasy threesome. Sex dolls can be the ideal companion because couples don't have to worry about embarrassment or emotional complications. If they have a hard time finding a third partner that matches their interests and goals in the relationship, it is also an ideal choice.




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