Image Enlarger: How to Use Waifu2x? - Complete Overview and Guidelines

How to Use Waifu2x? - Complete Overview and Guidelines

23 Окт 2021 в 03:32pm


Various Enlargers are present over the internet you just have to choose according to your requirements. Small definition images always loss its transparency when it turns into a large one.

For perfect enlargement, use Waifu 2x Enlarger. It is the best online photo enhancer software. It can enlarge your image effortlessly and get the desired results within minutes.

When we go with any enlarger software, it gets us results, but it losses pixel qualities. Waifu2x overcome this problem by using the latest techniques such as the noise reduction scale. So, without discussing more waifu2x we can jump to its functioning.

How to use Waifu2x to the Enlarge image?


Waifu2x is produced as a waifu image resizer to enlarge images up to 2x online. No matter you use them for printing ever, avatar, or poster, can efficiently meet your demands for high resolution and quality.

By using AI enlarging, this waifu enlarger automatically performs your waifu 2x larger externally for any quality loss. Even more, the details of your image may also be improved. You can constantly bet on the effect of this AI image upscaler.

It’s quite easy to use this image enlarger by following the steps below -

  • Click on the box on the homepage of this waifu2x enlarger or just drop an image into it to upload the image.

  • Hit the start button to make your image go and enlarge.

  • Click on the download button below to save the out image.

Guidelines for using Waifu2x

Step 1 - Open Waifu2x.

The user interface has been translated into English from the original Japanese. In it, you can see the similarities and expansion of tools in the web demo.

Step 2- Input your image to be upscaled/noise-reduced.

Unlike with the web demo, you must download your image from the internet. You can manually type in the file path, but drag-and-drop will be much easier.

The default output path will be in the same folder as your input image with a similar name.

Step 3 - Specify the conversion mode.

There are four options, of which you should only use two: "scale" and "noise+scale." The noise only has a default scale factor of 0.5 - that is, it will automatically downsize your image by half; while "noise(auto)+scale" is redundant.

Step 4 - If you chose "noise+scale" to remove noise, specify the noise level.

As with the web demo, you should only use level 1 if you choose to remove noise, as it is powerful enough. If you only need to upscale your image, leave this alone.

Step 5 - Specify the scaling factor.

With the offline software, you have much more choice in how large your image can be. Many users commonly use an image cropping tool to complement Waifu2x for the desired resolution and aspect ratio.

If that is the case, you must judge whether the image to upscale is wider than your desired aspect ratio or not. The following will assume that you have a monitor of 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920x1080 resolution.

  • In most cases, the image you are working with will not be as wide as 16:9. Therefore, to calculate the scaling factor, you divide 1920 by the image's width. For example, an image of 1500x1000 would have a scaling factor of 1920/1500 = 1.28.

  • In the case where the image is wider than 16:9, you divide 1080 by the image's height. For example, an image of 1000x500 would have a scaling factor of 1080/500 = 2.16.

  • Waifu2x always rounds down when it calculates the final image resolution. If your numbers are not round like in the previous examples, be sure to always round up in the third or fourth decimal place.

Step 6 - Run the Waifu2x

Do not touch the output file, model (unless you are using a photo, which is not recommended), extensions to be covered in the folder, or block size. The output image will be in the same folder as your input image. The image above demonstrates waifu2x against other upscaling programs.

  • The view log is still in Japanese, though you can see how long it took for the image to process.

  • If you need to convert multiple images, repeat the above steps starting from step 3.

Last Words

This article covers entire guidelines about Waifu2x Enlarger. It is free and easy-to-use software specially designed for enlarging the image. It enlarges not only an image but also anime, profile picture, logo, and many more. Go through the guidelines and use waifu2x.


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