James Crandall: Thesis statement writing guide for argumentative, expository, and literary analysis essays

Thesis statement writing guide for argumentative, expository, and literary analysis essays

28 Сен 2021 в 03:13pm

How do you write the perfect thesis? Do you know? Probably not and that is exactly why you are here.

You have to write some sort of an essay and you wanna know how to get started with that pesky little thesis. Well, yes, the thesis statement is hard to construct. But once you get past paper writing services, it is all good.

So, if you need a guide then you have come to the right place.

I will be your guide for today and tell you how to get started on your thesis.

This is how you do it.


Step #1: Find a Question

The best way to go about developing a thesis is to form a question. As an essay writer service, that is easy as you will have plenty of questions. Well, you need to pick one.

Remember that the question should be according to the type of essay that you are writing. So, if it is a literary analysis then the question will relate to the text.


Step #2: Answer the Question

Well, now that you have the question then simply answer it.

For example, if you had asked, “Is animal testing moral?”, then now you can answer this question by either yes or no.

This will basically be your thesis. The answer that you choose will be your main point. So, in an argumentative essay, this will be your argument. 


Step #3: Think about other Answers

But here is the catch. There is not always one answer to your question.

Like in animal testing, you can say that it is ok to save lives but not for cosmetics.

So, before you form a thesis of your own, you will need to think about your answer thoroughly. You can always get some help for this, you know. There is no need to overthink and be anxious.


Step #4: Research

Yes, research. One way to get some write essay for me help, in this case, is by research. If you don’t know any other answer other than yes or no then dig a little bit deeper into your topic.

This will help give you loads of options and then you can choose any one of them as your thesis.

So do some research.


Step #5: Improve the Answer

Look, there is always a little room for development in even the best of a thesis.

So, don’t think that you have the best answer. Use your Professional Dissertation Writers thinking skills and improve your thesis as much as possible. To do this, you need to make your answer more complex and add reasons for your perspective.

Like if animal testing is bad then WHY?


Step #6: Adapt

Adapt. Survive.

Once you have a workable thesis, you can adapt it to almost any type of essay. Like the animal testing thesis above is for an argumentative essay but it can be used in an expository essay as well. As long as you present evidence.

Or you can find an article on animal testing and conduct its literary analysis.


Step #7: One Sentence

This is the final step and then your essay will be complete.

You need to sum up all your ideas in a single sentence. You need Thesis writing help to answer that question of yours and give the reasons all in one go.

This will be your thesis and you will write it at the end of your introduction. After that, you start to explain your point of view.


Well, hope that helps.

I am sure that now you can form a thesis on your own just fine.

If you can’t then you have another option. Look for an online service that can write you customized essays.

These services employ professional writers so you can easily learn by just Write my thesis online.


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