ylq: The rain did not

The rain did not

15 Мар 2019 в 10:45am

The rain did not rest, splashing the fragrant waves, the wind did not stop, blowing the blue-and-white flowers; in the rain, strolling, watching the wind and dew, wearing the veil of the bustling, Qingmeng; Yuhua bombing thunder into the river In the world, the people in the sea pass by Newport Menthol Cigarettes, the memories look at each other, and the fate is embroidered into a pair. On rainy days, the color outside the window is faint, fuzzy and delicate is a new leaf of a tree. Light and happy is a boat, wind, a cup of tea, sitting in front of the window, watching the colorful, falling into the rain Marlboro Cigarettes Website, listening to the clouds, quiet, inaction, smell Ten miles of lotus, leisure and elegant; the rain broke the flower's dream, the flying flower falling on the tip of the pen, falling on the scroll, a little cinnabar red makeup painted in the painting; flowing water Cheap Newports, there is a dark fragrance floating Cigarette Wholesale, rolling up a touch of the mountain Youlan Newports 100S, cut off the clouds in the clear sky, with the stream of water flowing by you, the sky is full of faults is decorated with dream stars. This rain, subtle, elegant meaning falls in the flowers, you need to know, this rain, faint, Qinghuan taste hidden in tea, you need to taste, this rain, naughty, free to tie in the wind, need to trace. When I am free, I hold a paper umbrella and watch it in the clear sky. I see it in the rain. The blur is clear and charming. The elegant and rich, rich and joyful, fades into the rain, knows the rain, kisses the rain, knows the rain, and the wind follows the wind. Come, every flower is God's will, the fate of the rain, the fragrance is the memory, the wind is raining, every flower in the rain, the feeling is more intense, the flower is more fragrant, the shy face is waiting for the rain to kiss, the flower to be put Waiting for the wind to wake up, the flowers in the rain are waiting for people to come and walk in the rain. Everything is a fate. Maybe seeing and not seeing is not a result. It is the concern to be able to say the name. It is the true feeling that can be remembered. On the street, the dusk falls in the shadow of the lamp, blending into the night, the stars in the sky watching the moon, you come with you, rubbing your shoulders with me, the gentleness of the wind, the sleeves of your fragrance, the scent of the branches You look at it quietly, watching the wind meet the moon, showing a smile, I am intoxicated; you look at it lightly, looking at the stars and the clouds, grinning, I am dying, your turn, fade in In the Mo Wen, the breeze of the past sent a poem, faintly sang the elegy in the sea of ??people, can pass by is the fate, can look back for it is cause and effect, you have come, I will rejoice, you are gone I will be concerned, this is the appearance of love; gently rubbing the shoulders, maybe there will be a promise of a lifetime, looking for a ray of sunshine in the rain, knowing the weather; a stranger in the sea, is Maybe I am a time to pick up the waste, walk in the rain, pick up the lonely flowers, I know its value, I understand that I should have met it, so I love it deeply; maybe I am a time wandering, drifting in the world I am thirsty on the streets where people come and go, I am thirsty Looking at the house, I also understand that there is a person waiting for me in the distance, so in order to meet you, I rub shoulders with everyone. When you look back for me, I am searching hard, it is. 


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