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Summer nights, the

15 Мар 2019 в 10:44am

Summer nights, the window is so quiet. No, it is now autumn. Suddenly there was no such thing as the noise of the insects. Compared with the past Marlboro Red 100S Carton, this night is a lot quieter. The insects after the big rain should rest, stay in the sky again, dry and dry. When I continue to work, the fact that I know during the day and the insects in the night are really dedicated. They worked diligently to create the art of the midsummer, and they continued to create noise pollution. Their long-standing harassment of my ears, there is no complaint, the two musicians, one morning "knowed", one In the evening, I was annoyed with those laws. Are you angry? They are available 24 hours a day. Although it is said that each concert is conscience for up to 12 hours, and every day is a voluntary free two performances. In the face of such graciousness, I don't have the kind of interest in the first encounter. I really can't compliment their music. So, I think it's OK, anyway, I am tired of aesthetics. In fact, it��s good to listen to it occasionally in the early summer. Otherwise, listen to other things. I would rather appreciate the dew in this rainy season. This year, the rain is particularly high, isn��t it? After every rain, the crystal clear water will show up. Appeared in the branches of the tree, even those that are lifeless are still scented. On the clothes racks, in the grass, they are all there, and as long as they can hang them, no one can be spared, and they are all fascinating. If you are in leisure, you should collect them in the middle of each month between the lines. I always have some "salted fish"?!... This is the rest of the time in my spare time. Cough, in the lonely time and space, I wrote a few sloppy words. I put all these things about life and what I thought and thought into it, all in a text like a hard copy. Buddha, Lord, Lord Buddha, I am guilty about the words (laughing and crying) Is this a kind of little happiness? It��s okay; maybe it��s ��a monologue of a single dog��. I remember that when someone in a QQ group saw something I wrote, it would always come up with this familiar line. It doesn't matter, at least I am old, and I haven't yet built the Shaolin abbot, the "Master of Dreams." Otherwise, I will send the martial arts to the sergeant: {After his ignorant turn, use the secret skills of Shaolin, transport the ten layers of skill, smash the ground, and go to the palm of your hand, until you Hit the back of this despicable villain (Zhou Xingchi Bridge) and see that he fell down. I will seriously cross the "cross", secretly stealing and closing the Buddha's seal with both hands and saying: "Ahmen, Amitabha" (who is called The bad words behind you hurt me.) Just kidding. I have been in the house for a long time. I think I should breathe outside and come to the balcony and stretch my arms. Looking up at the starlight, looking up and looking at the sky that has been silent, the little flash of starlight shines in this innocent black world; the slightly curved crescent looks like a child's sweet smile. Fortunately, all this seems quite peaceful, quiet, and some quiet thoughts are quietly sprouting, to treat such a peaceful night, I have to warn myself: "I only slightly untie the constraints of reality, or anything Don't think too much Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, it's good to be quiet (��~). "If it's the daytime against the summer heat, I see how you "sit in the summer of thirty-six, seven degrees is not too hot, such hot weather, It��s not too much this year. The rain in the summer seems to be particularly special. In general, we should have 70% of the time there is heavy rain, and there will even be heavy rain Wholesale Newports, but it is mostly showers. In my memory. This unusual weather is relatively rare compared with previous years. I remember vaguely more than 20 years ago, that time was the most fierce water situation. Because at that time, there was no dam upstream of the river. As the rain and rain increased, those yellowing rivers drowned over the bridge deck, rolled up the trousers, drowned over the bridge, and still had to go to school. Compared to that time, the amount of rain during this time was a little witch. See the big witch. Not only me. Here, there are also many news reports on TV. In many areas of China, mountain floods have been caused by excessive rainfall. When I talked about it, I suddenly remembered the scene when I lived in a certain city. Every time the rainy season, there will always be urban shackles. I want to say The drainage system in our city really needs to be improved. Otherwise, watching the rain, listening to the rain, enjoying the rain, even if you wear water shoes, the raincoat is not safe. Do you really want to go to Taipei to see it? Rain) This rainy weather gives people the illusion that the summer is not over yet Marlboro Cigarettes Website, yes, it��s endless. It��s still so hot Newport 100S Price, so rainy. It��s already clear autumn, I��m not feeling the coolness of the autumn. Look carefully at the pepper leaves on the balcony. They have lost their vitality in the past, and the crumbling green is yellow. So, I am sure! "Summer" is indeed far away; "Autumn" is now It��s obvious in front of you. Then? It��s just the autumn wind and a pleasant and pleasant holiday. Wait until the piece of green yellow leaves is fading like a hundred flowers, and when the autumn wind blows, it will be able to spread the yellow Inviting you and me, accompanying each other, walking through the tree-lined path full of autumn, or strolling through the mountain-mountain red. Will you accompany me to watch the piece of maple leaf?


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