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Sudoku history

23 Июн 2021 в 02:32pm

Sudoku online is a number puzzle. Today it is so popular that most people are familiar with it or have just seen it in print. In our article we will tell you where this game came from, as well as who invented Sudoku.



Despite the Japanese name, the history of Sudoku does not begin in Japan. The prototype of the puzzle is considered to be the Latin squares of Leonard Euler, a famous mathematician who lived in the 18th century. However, in the form in which it is known today, Howard Garnes invented it. An architect by training, Garnes concocted puzzles for magazines and newspapers along the way. In 1979, an American edition called ";Dell Pencil Puzzles and Word Games" first printed Sudoku on its pages. However, then the puzzle did not arouse interest among readers.



It was the Japanese who were the first to appreciate the rebus. In 1984, a Japanese print media published a puzzle for the first time. She immediately became widespread. Then the puzzle got its name - Sudoku. In Japanese, "su" means "number", "doku" means "stand alone." Some time later, this puzzle appeared in many Japanese prints. In addition, separate collections of Sudoku were released. In 2004, UK newspapers began printing the puzzle, which marked the beginning of the game's expansion outside of Japan.




The puzzle is a square field with a side of 9 cells, divided in turn into 3 by 3 squares. Thus, the big square is divided into 9 small ones, the total number of cells of which is 81. Some cells are initially marked with hint numbers. The essence of the rebus is to fill in empty cells with numbers so that they do not repeat themselves in rows, columns, or squares. Only numbers from 1 to 9 are used in free web Sudoku. The difficulty of the puzzle depends on the location of the clue numbers. The most difficult, of course, is the one with only one solution.



The history of Sudoku continues in our time, and successfully. The game is becoming an increasingly common puzzle largely due to the fact that now it can be found not only on the pages of the newspaper, but also on the phone or computer. In addition, various variations of this rebus have appeared - instead of numbers, letters are used, the number of cells and the shape change.


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