poe orbs: Path of Exile released the second generation and mobile version

Path of Exile released the second generation and mobile version

19 Май 2021 в 05:20pm

Some time ago, I shared with you the article ";Diablo 4 Affirmed by Players, Official: There will be more news in February next year", telling that the ";Diablo 4" announced at Blizzard Carnival this year won the consensus of the media and players. Praise, some people commented that ";Diablo 4" finally returned to the original intention of ";Diablo 2". In fact, there is another game that has been liked by many players because it inherits the essence of ";Diablo 2", and that is "Path of Exile Currency".

Just last weekend, Grinding Gear Games, the developer of "Path of Exile", also held its own carnival event ExileCon 2019. In the event, the official officially released "Path of Exile 2" and the mobile version of "Path of Exile Mobile". At first glance, it's a bit of a fight with Blizzard and ";Diablo 4"!

Although the two companies differ greatly in size, the two games are indeed competing products. The members of the development team of " Path of Exile" are diehard fans of ";Dark", and many players thought that ";Diablo 3" was not original enough, and fell into the embrace of " Path of Exile Currency". So, what new experience will " Path of Exile 2" give players?

The official said: " Path of Exile 2" in addition to greater visual and image quality improvements, the core combat mechanism has been modified, for example: arrows will have different ejection physical performance depending on the environment. The game has also redesigned seven initial professions. Players must retrain new characters to start the second-generation plot. Although it needs to be retrained, all the customized items of the original player will be passed on to the second generation, which means that the resources accumulated by one player can be passed on to the second generation, but the core combat mechanism has changed.


The above concept plus the official promotion "One Game Two Campagins", do you feel a bit familiar? That's right, the concept of " Path of Exile 2" is very similar to "Overwatch 2", not an independent sequel, but like a major expansion update!


In an interview after the carnival, the doctor noticed that the official started his own "sao operation." First of all, co-founder Chris Wilson mentioned: "Although "Path of Exile" is very popular with players and makes a lot of money, it is not comparable to Blizzard. I even suspect that the first week of sales of ";Diablo 3" may be better than ours. The company’s overall revenue is even more."


Secondly, when introducing "Path of Exile M", Chris Wilson said that players don't need to worry about the quality of the game of "Path of Exile M", because this mobile game is also developed by its own team and will never be a third-party developer.


Finally, co-founder Jonathan Rogers also said that there are many "junk" mobile games on the market, but the "Path of Exile M" that Grinding Gear Games wants to develop is in line with the original spirit of "POE Currency". It is free and can be given to fans. We bring game fun. The doctor thinks: Grinding Gear Games’ high-level sarcasm is really sharp, but looking at the major shareholders behind Grinding Gear Games today, what will become of "Path of Exile 2" and "Path of Exile M" is also very interesting. People are worried! What do you think?


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