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ORKHON ULBAY is Mongolia's third-largest River. Its location near the Orkhon River and among the many landmarks of this valley makes it an ideal gateway for any traveler exploring this vast region of Mongolia. The town has been developed into a modern town through the efforts of the Mongolian government, but the natural beauty of the place is still very much intact. Most of the old houses and villages have not been changed at all, though, and still retain their ancient appearance.

There are many attractions in Orkhon that make the town a favorite with tourists. There is Dashiluor Lake, where tourists can relax by the edge of the water and watch the hundreds of ducks that come to feed.

On the outskirts of town, you will find many hiking trails, and a great many mineral spring baths. There is also the Khovsgol National Park to explore, and many tourists go to Mongols' village to visit the nomadic herders who still live in the traditional way of life.

The Tovar River is a wonderful way to experience this culture, as the travelers can take a traditional ride across the water on a traditional wooden raft. This trip takes about three hours, so it's best to book well in advance. Another attraction here is central Mongolia, which is home to many beautiful places.

Central Mongolia was among the world heritage site when the Mongols were still part of China, and it was one of their key cities. Travelers here can witness the traditional culture and the amazing horses that are still used for transportation and for show. The town is also home to the Zunn Turuuniy Khoshoo, or the "primeval dwelling place of the Turkic people", which is the most important archeological site in Mongolia, as well as one of the world's top two earliest towns.

While at the central Mongolia, tourists can explore the Khovsgol, the largest tunnel in Mongolia, and the largest dam in Asia as well. Tourists also have the opportunity to view the secret hideout of Genghis Khan. The secret hideout was built by Khan, and it is thought to be the largest ruined palace in Asia. It contains a museum, and many researchers believe that it is the world's first underground city.

The next stop after central Mongolia is the Kharkhorin Valley, which is known for its rich mineral deposits. The Kharkhorin is also known as the 'Land of Snow Dragon', because of its white fur.

The Kharkhorin is Mongolia's third-largest national park, and it is one of the world heritage sites orphan valley. At the Kharkhorin, tourists can enjoy viewing various wildlife including large herds of reindeer, wildlife such as hyenas and baboons, and geologists have found evidence that man-made fires have created a crater here, which contained sulphur dioxide.

After reaching the Kharkhorin Valley, the tourists have their choice of visiting the Ulaanbaan Temple, which is located right next to the Kharkhorin. One of the temples at Ulaanbaan temple has two inscriptions, which are carved right into the walls.

These inscriptions contain information about the Ulaanbaan temple, including its location, description, as well as information about the activities carried out there during the Buddha period. A Buddhist temple at the Nima River valley has a recording of the Buddha's talks with Lord Buddha.


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