MUHAMMAD KASHIF HUSSAIN: Hiking and Night Interpretation | Guara Norte

Hiking and Night Interpretation | Guara Norte

19 Май 2021 в 02:04pm
What secrets do these valleys, plains and mountains keep? What traces did its ancient settlers leave? How did they live? How did they work? What were their customs and traditions?


The province of Huesca is a great unknown, full of magical and hidden corners, this territory offers us a wide network of trails, roads formerly traveled by shepherds and farmers who have survived the passage of time and through what today we can travel discovering the secrets of a past tense. IF you do senderismo huesca then you will discover beautiful rock hermitages, dolmens, impregnable fortresses, Romanesque churches, medieval bridges, Roman footpaths, fountains, abandoned villages, fauna and flora.


Hiking Huesca

From Guara Norte we invite you to enjoy our routes: Route of the abandoned villages, Route of the rupestrian hermitages, Route of water architecture, Route of the stone, Route of the Mallos, Ibones and ascents, safely and accompanied by the explanations and interpretation by a qualified guide.


The province of Huesca is not far behind, and both in winter and in summer, there are areas where we have a clear sky that allows us to observe much beyond what we would have ever imagined. The amount of sensations that an experience like this awakens is hooking. You will "look out" at planets, double stars, galaxies and you will think you can touch the Milky Way with your hands.


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