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Overlock sewing machine

8 Май 2021 в 05:10am

The actual overlock sewing machine is some sort of sewing machine. After the Industrial Revolution down the middle of the 18th century, the large-scale production belonging to the textile industry promoted the actual invention and development with the sewing machine. There is a document that the Germans registered a patent for sewing machines in britain in 1755, but there isn't a research evidence. In 1790, British woodworker Thomas Sainty primary invented the world's 1st single-thread chain stitch hand sewing machine to generate holes, threading, and sewing leather shoes. In 1841, People from france tailor B. Timonier (Barthelemy Thimonnier) (also translated as Barthelemy Dimonnier) invented along with manufactured a chain stitch sewing machine with a needle and a catch. In 1845, Elias Howe (also translated because Elias Howe) also alone invented the sewing appliance. In 1851, the Usa mechanic I. M. Vocalist (also translated as Lechak Merritt Singer) developed the lockstitch sewing machine and founded the Vocalist company. Sewing machines within this period were basically hand-cranked. Inside 1859, Singer invented this pedal sewing machine. Right after Thomas Edison invented the electric motor, in 1889, Singer invented the electric motor-driven sewing machine. Since then, a new era in the sewing machine industry has become created.
Overlock sewing machines will also be called sidecars, side sewing machines, and bone autos, generally divided into several lines, four lines, along with five lines. The main function is generally to prevent the sewing with the garment from fuzzing. The overlock sewing machine can be utilized not only for hemming, but for sewing T-shirts, sportswear, underwear, knitting and other materials. Overlock sewing machine cutting and sewing may be carried out as well, the stitch is just like a mesh, and it can be suitable for elastic material.
Overlock stitches can end up being divided into single line, double thread, three thread, four thread, five thread, etc.
1. Single-thread overlock is a single-needle, one-thread stitch, that is mainly used to sew the edges of blankets;
ONLY TWO. The double-thread overlock can be a single-needle double-thread stitch, which can be mainly used to sew pieces with large elasticity, for example the bottom edge of the stretch shirt;
3. The three-thread overlock stitch is usually a single-needle three-thread stitch, which can be a common stitch with ordinary knitted garments, specifically for the stitching of numerous low-grade garment pieces;
SOME. The four-thread overlock stitch can be a double-needle four-thread stitch. Offer the three-thread overlock stitch, a needle thread is included, and the strength is improved. It is used pertaining to sewing the garment areas of higher-grade garments or goes through more stretching and powerful friction. Parts such while shoulder-fitting and sleeve-fitting, specially the sewing of surface garments;
5. The five-thread overlock stitch is usually a double-needle five-thread stitch, as well as its stitch fastness plus production efficiency are additional improved, and its elasticity is superior to four-thread overlock stitch. It's often used for sewing outerwear and trimming under garment.


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