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Cleaning Wipes

8 Май 2021 в 05:00am

Eyeglasses wipes: also called anti-fog maintaining wipes, which are newly developed inside the wet wipes industry: anti-fog cup, anti-fog windows, anti-fog bathroom mirrors, anti-fog glasses cleaning, anti-fog cleaning for a myriad of lens lenses The main function of maintenance is usually anti-fogging, defrosting, cleaning, clear, dust-proof, anti-static, etc. Using bamboo fiber non-woven material and nano active broker, deionized water, surfactant, isopropanol, medical alcohol, menthol, polyethylene glycol, glycerin, PEG-600, polyvinylpyrrolidone, fragrance, antiseptic Refined from specialist formulas
 1: This product is made of surfactant materials, which can not only remove stubborn gas stains, dust, dirt, gum and insect stains on the glass surface, but has a powerful effect associated with removing glass oil motion picture, and forms a protective film within the glass surface to reduce oil film damage Goblet affects driving and keeps the glass clear as well as transparent.
2: When used outside the motor car, it can achieve a glass cleaning effect; when utilized in the car in winter months, it also has some sort of long-term anti-fog effect.
First wipe the merchandise evenly to achieve your clean, anti-fogging and defrosting influence.
3: Easy to apply, immediate use, immediate effects, independent packaging, easy to carry. Essential supplies for go.
4: Evenly wipe the glass products or improved lenses, wait for 3~5 minutes and it really is up to 3~18 a short time. For glasses experiment, the effect of spraying around the glasses lens with HUNDRED degrees is good. The automobile is driving at subtract 30 degrees, and it is far from applied to the a glass. Fogging and frosting. Beneficial decontamination and anti-fog outcome, no corrosion, no pollution, no influence on gentle transmittance and reflectivity, excellent anti-fog effect, bright influence, high glass transparency, and improve safe driving coefficient;
5 VARIOUS: It has strong decontamination effectiveness, and it is wash with magical effect;
6: The glass surface is not easy to absorb dust, and the performance can be safe and stable;
SEVEN: Very small amount, that is certainly, excellent anti-fogging effect; extended anti-fogging time, eliminating the particular trouble of repeated defogging;
EIGHT: Water-based materials, low-carbon, eco-friendly and clean;


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