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Disposable gloves

8 Май 2021 в 04:52am

In certain industries where gloves are generally replaced, it is usually recommended to apply disposable gloves, which cannot only avoid cross-infection, but additionally greatly save replacement prices. For example, the medical industry, laboratories, food processing industries and other industries that require comparatively high hygiene requirements.
According to purpose
 Acid and alkali protected gloves, electrical insulating mitts, radiation protection gloves, medical gloves and other rubber gloves.
According on the rubber raw material or manufacturing process, it is divided into latex mitts and molded gloves.
Acid and alkali resistant gloves should be able to be used in sulfuric acid (density 1. 32) and also caustic soda solution (density A SINGLE. 19) at 45°C. Electrically insulating gloves are divided directly into high voltage and reduced voltage. The high voltage may be used under 6000 volts (test voltage is actually 12000 volts). Low voltage work extremely well below 1000 volts. Health-related gloves are divided directly into two types: glossy surface and wool surface (fur exterior gloves or wrinkle gloves).
In line with material
 According to that material, it is normally divided into plastic disposable gloves, latex disposable devices, and nitrile disposable baseball gloves;
Among them, plastic film gloves are usually used in non-professional periods. The advantage is that they're cheap, but because plastic disposable gloves aren't flexible, their durability as well as suitability are relatively very poor;
Latex gloves are usually utilized in professional occasions, such when operating rooms, laboratories and various places that require huge sanitary conditions. The advantages are they've a certain degree of elasticity and are also relatively durable. More importantly, according to statistics, 2%-17% of people will present varying degrees of allergies to latex.
Nitrile equipment, in addition to having the characteristics of latex devices, and improving the flaws of latex gloves, first of all can withstand the corrosion of animal fats, and will not produce allergies.


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