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8 Май 2021 в 04:49am

ONE. Lift stretcher, walking stretcher
 ONLY TWO. Shovel stretcher
 The scoop stretcher is composed of two left and also right aluminum alloy dishes. When transporting the hurt, first place the wounded from a lying position, fix this neck, and then insert this left and right pieces of the stretcher into the back in the side of the wounded, and buckle them just before moving.
3. Negative strain inflatable cushion type fixed stretcher
 The use of negative pressure inflatable cushion type fixed stretcher will be best tool to carry multiple fractures and spinal injuries. The inflatable cushion can properly fix the complete body of the injured. When in use, the cushion is inflated and then laid flat, the wounded is positioned in the cushion, the environment in the bag is definitely drawn out, the air cushion can be hardened, and the wounded might be firmly fixed in this, and can always continue stable during transportation.
FIVE. Basket stretcher
 Also identified as "Stoke Basket" (Stoke Basket), there are two common types in the marketplace: aluminum alloy type in addition to synthetic resin type; its shape resembles its name, like a "boat". When transporting the particular trapped person, the trapped person is positioned in a stretcher. The "protruding" edges in the stretcher and the top flat belt will "enclose" the trapped person in the stretcher. This will not lead to the trapped persons that will leave the stretcher because of the displacement (such as rotating, shaking) of the stretcher. Behind the security, there are also a considerable number of hidden dangers. If the particular trapped person is far too fat, and the webbing stuck just using the front is too tight as well as operation time is excessively, it is easy in order to cause chest tightness and suffocation in the trapped person. The North American firefighting neighborhood called the death of trapped persons inside basket stretcher due to be able to improper handling as "iron coffins" (the first basket stretchers were mostly aluminum alloy).
5. Retract stretcher
 Also called "Multifunctional Stretcher" (Sked), it's similar in use to some basket stretcher, but is lighter (8-12 kg) which enable it to be crimped and carried in the roller or backpack. Its raw material is usually a special synthetic resin, containing corrosion resistance, and is mostly orange. The roll stretchers on the mainland market are largely similar products imitating Asia and South Korea, for instance Jiangsu and Zhejiang. From the North American firefighting local community, the behavior of trapped persons killed within the roll stretcher due for you to improper operation by rescuers is named "shroud" (early roll stretchers are mostly made of high-strength canvas).
6. The basic dimensions with the rescue stretcher:
The bed surface of the stretcher can be tweaked to tilt forward or backward as outlined by actual operation requirements.
The bed is supported by any lockable pneumatic spring, and these can be steplessly adjusted within the stove of 0-60 degrees.
With front and rear unchanging frames, the stretcher can be locked by installing the stretcher trolley inside the appropriate position on this ambulance.
Technical Parameter:
● Highest size (LxWxH): 198*53*98cm
 ● Bare minimum size (LxWxH): 198*53*34cm.


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