Success Story of Knee Replacement Surgery

Success Story of Knee Replacement Surgery


24 Июл 2019 в 01:15pm
Name: Indira Mishra
Age: 60
Year with pain: 3
Knee Replacement Surgery 
I was suffering from severe knee pain for the past three yeait was very difficult for me to live with this knee life. arted using a stick to walk, and my condition was getting worse every day. My doctor, as well as the family, encouraged me to consult a joint replacement specialist.
But I was afraid of surgery. Many people said that it is very safe, yet, I was worried and kept thinking about the possible side effects. I did not have to undergo surgery because of this I tried everything like Ayurvedic undergoing hot oil massage, even alternative medicine but nothing was working and my knee pain was going on increasing.
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Finally, my daughter encouraged me to take surgery.
He took me to a joint replacement specialist and he went and found out that I had osteoarthritis. The doctor told about the illness and told me about implant options and he advised to undergo knee surgery without delay.
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I was really surprised to know thatratedr knee replacement replacement surgery millions of people around the world were living an active life. There I met many patients, who had undergone knee surgery and were also happily spending their lives.
That's why I got ready for surgery, and my knee surgery was also successful. After the surgery was weakened, I returned home and rested for almost a month and after that, I could walk without any support, myself. This was the happiest thing for me.

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Now after about 6 months, I am thankful to my daughter who encouraged me. Had I had knee surgery initially, I would not have to face pain and problems for several weeks.

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