+1-888-597-3962 Cisco Router Customer Care Support Phone Number

+1-888-597-3962 Cisco Router Customer Care Support Phone Number

Robert Smith

19 Мар 2019 в 09:38am
Now that the Cisco router has been reset, all the custom options you configured in the router, like the wireless password, etc., have been lost and will need to be reconfigured.
I suggest backing up the router's configuration after you've customized all the settings. If you ever need to restore the router again, you can then just reload all those options. You can do this on the DIR-605L via the MAINTENANCE > Save and Restore Settings page.
What to Do When You Can't Access the DIR-605L Router
Like the default username and password mentioned above, the DIR-605L, like all routers, have a default IP address - in the case of this one. Also, like the login credentials, you're able to change the default IP address to something else.
If you're unable to access your Cisco DIR-605L router because you've forgotten what you customized the IP address to, finding it is fortunately much easier than resetting the entire router. All you have to do is find the default gateway that a computer connected to the router is configured to use.
Cisco DIR-605L Firmware & Manual Links
The Cisco DIR-605L Support page contains all the information about the DIR-605L router that Cisco offers, including software downloads, documents, support videos, and FAQs.
Since there are two hardware versions of the DIR-605L router, there are also two different user manuals. Once you've chosen the version (A or B), you'll see a download link for the user manual. The default credentials and IP address mentioned above are the same for both versions of the DIR-605L, but other details between the two versions may differ.
Having two different hardware versions means you must be certain to download the right firmware too since both versions use different firmware. The most recent firmware releases are available here.
You can find the right hardware version for your DIR-605L on either the bottom or back of the router; look for the letter next to H/W Ver. on the product label.
Every version of the Cisco DIR-615 router has a default username of Admin and, like most Cisco routers, no default password.
The default IP address used to access the DIR-615 router.
The Cisco DIR-615 default username and password (which, again, is blank) is the same for each hardware and firmware version of the router you might have or be running, whether it be A, B, E, T, etc.

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