Internet Problems and Solutions

Internet Problems and Solutions


11 Фев 2021 в 01:55am
Using the Internet is exciting. But sometimes things get so fouled up that you want to push your computer out the window and go back to the communication methods our ancestors used, like newspapers, telephones, and smoke signals. Don’t give up just yet.
My PC takes forever to boot up, and pop-up ads took over the screen
Slow start-up, sluggish operation, and annoying pop-ups all suggest that your computer is infested with malware, sneaky programs that do bad things to your computer, including spyware (which arrives by way of your web browser), viruses (which arrive by email), and worms (which arrive all by themselves). A full-scale war is being waged in cyberspace for control of the world’s PCs, and your computer is likely a casualty.
Check out these antispyware programs:
Ad-Aware, from Lavasoft (free for basic version)
Microsoft Windows Defender (free, already included in Windows 7, 8, and Vista)
Spybot Search & Destroy (shareware)

betty bedell

14 Фев 2021 в 09:57am
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23 Фев 2021 в 07:12am
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