Same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage

john alexei

6 Фев 2021 в 08:00pm
Gay marriage is the formal marriage of a person of the opposite sex, or of the same gender, entered into either in a religious or civil ceremony. There have been records of gay marriage back to the earliest centuries. During the Roman times, same-sex marriages were frequent. Ancient Rome was one of the first civilizations to recognize and promote same-sex relationships, although in those times, it was considered a disgrace for gay men to marry women.
Ireland is an island country that is known for its interesting customs. In recent years, same-sex marriage has become more accepted here. There have been proposals in the past legalize same-sex weddings in Ireland, but they were rejected time and again by the general public. However, the Irish government recently approved a bill that states that anyone entering into a same-sex marriage should not be discriminated against based on sexual orientation. The new legislation specifically stated that gay marriage should be allowed to take place if both partners are adults. Although the bill has not yet been passed, the government has already shown support for the move, which means that same-sex couples can now wed.


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