how to make sun rocks

how to make sun rocks


10 Дек 2020 в 01:35am
Can You Make Sun Rocks Or Moon Rocks At Home?
There are two highly potent cannabis concoctions that everyone wants to get their hands on these days. It’s not clear dabs, or the strongest indica strain, or weed lotion…though all of those are popular too. This new trend was seemingly conceived in an imaginative cannabis lover’s fever dream. These two potent and trending products are called Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks, and they combine some of the most potent cannabis products on the market into one epic cannabis nug.
While we don’t sell moon rocks or sun rocks at our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries or our Trinidad dispensary, we do have the supplies you need to make them on your own. And the process is way easier than you think!
We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about making a DIY moon rock and sun rock. Weed will never look the same to you again!
What Are Moon Rocks?
Moon Rocks came bursting onto the scene in earnest thanks to a couple of well-known rap stars. Snoop Dogg told the world that moon rocks got him too high… can you imagine that? A cannabis product that’s too potent for the reigning king of green is pretty legendary. And another well-known rapper, Kurupt, started producing his own version. So what are moon rocks and how are they so potent?
Moon rocks are basically a cannabis nug on steroids. A moon rock is a dense cannabis bud soaked in cannabis-infused oil, then coated in powdery kief (the residue left over after grinding cannabis flower). The combination of these three layers make moon rocks incredibly potent.
DIY Moon Rocks – Shopping List
Cannabis flower of your choice
Cannabis-Infused Oil
Cannabis Kief
Note: Kief isn’t something you can find for sale in most dispensaries. You’ll need a grinder with a kief catcher to help you collect enough of the powdery residue to fully coat a cannabis nug. At The Spot 420, we’ve got a robust selection of 420 accessories, including grinders, to help you start catching that kief.
Homemade Moon Rocks Recipe
Step 1: Head to The Spot 420’s Pueblo recreational dispensary or our Trinidad, Colorado dispensary to pick from our huge selection of top-grade cannabis flower and cannabis oil. Colorado cannabis is our specialty and we’ll help you pick a dense nug that can work well as your base and a cannabis oil that will pair well.
Step 2: Determine how much kief you have available. It can take a while to save up enough to fully coat a cannabis bud, so the amount you have will determine the size of cannabis nug you should use as the base. If you only have a little bit, you’ll need to make your moon rock with a small bud.
Step 3: Hold the cannabis bud by the stem. Use a tincture dropper to fully coat the cannabis nug as you use the stem to rotate.
Step 4: Pour the kief onto a small plate. While the cannabis oil is still wet, use the stem again to rotate the nug in the kief until coated.
Step 5: Leave the moon rock to completely dry on a piece of parchment paper. When it’s done drying, break up the nug and use it as a base for a joint or toss some in a glass pipe!
What Are Sun Rocks?
Before we get into a DIY recipe, let’s talk about what a sun rock even is. A sun rock is basically a fancier version of a moon rock For an in-depth explanation, check out our article explaining everything you need to know.
Think of a sun rock as the fancier, more potent version of a moon rock. They are typically made with top shelf products only and are coated in twice the amount of cannabis kief as a moon rock.
But the main difference between sun rocks vs. moon rocks has to do with the cannabis strain used. Traditionally, each product used to make sun rocks will be of the OG Kush variety. That being said, this isn’t the only sun rocks strain you can use. There is a whole family of OG cannabis strains that you can choose from and they will all make for a fantastic high and flavor.
DIY Sun Rocks – Shopping List
OG Kush cannabis flower
OG Kush cannabis oil
OG Kush kief (you’ll need twice the amount for a Sun Rock)
Homemade Sun Rocks Recipe
Step 1: Plan a trip to The Spot 420’s Pueblo dispensary or our Trinidad dispensary to pick from our curated collection of top shelf OG strains, including the bestseller Durango OG. We’ve got delicious OG oils to match too!
Step 2: Look at your kief supply. How much kief you have will determine how large of a cannabis bud you should start with. Remember: Sun rocks have twice the amount of kief on them as moon rocks.
Step 3: Once you’ve chosen the perfect OG nug to start, grab it by the stem. Use a tincture dropper to carefully cover the bud as you rotate it by the stem.
Step 4: Pour the kief onto a small plate. Grab the oil-coated bud by the stem and rotate it in the kief until its fully covered.
Step 5: Let the coated nug completely dry on a piece of parchment paper before enjoying. Once it’s dry, break it open and pack a pipe or a joint!
Now you know how to make moon rocks and sun rocks on your own. Stop by The Spot 420 recreational dispensaries to get all the top shelf cannabis flower and oil you’ll need to make these potent little nugs,

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