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gravitas keto

20 Июл 2020 в 09:40pm
gravitas keto Drinking coffee has certainly become a habit for a lot of people, and it is known to act as a stimulant, keeping people alert, but this does not classify it as addictive. In fact, regulatory agencies such as the World Health Organization have stated that, "There is no evidence whatsoever that caffeine use has even remotely comparable physical and social consequences which are associated with serious drugs of abuse. There is also further evidence to support this claim. A recent study showed caffeine did not act on the brain areas responsible for reward, motivation and addiction in the same way as amphetamines and cocaine, clearly giving a differentiation from such drugs. Another important fact, which shows it is not addictive, is that, the few side effects with coffee (headaches and lethargy for some people only) do not seem to relate to the amount of coffee drunk on a daily basis.