Paul JJ Redick poe currency and DeAndre

Paul JJ Redick poe currency and DeAndre


24 Фев 2018 в 08:52am
Paul JJ Redick poe currency and DeAndre Jordan out with Paul Pierce also out with a minor injury Down four games in the standings with seven to play it was a white flag that no the Clippers weren't going to catch Oklahoma CityOklahoma City must not have got the memo about the Clippers using their bench squad They trailed at halftime and

against at the end of the third quarter as the Clippers second unit wrecked havoc with redhot shotmaking Austin Rivers scored a careerhigh points and Jamal Crawford dropped more shooting a bined of from behind the threepoint line Some shots that duo made were exceedingly difficult ones But some were notThe Thunder are a

byproduct of the NBA five years ago when teams accumulated big men at all costs They have a wealth at center and power forward but not enough minutes for the modern fourout offense every team has learned to love Serge Ibaka only played minutes Enes Kanter ran out there for Nick Collison didn't play and Mitch McGary who has

been a productive NBA poe currency buy player for stretches is in the DLeagueInstead Oklahoma City is stuck with a mismatched bag of spare NBA wings that someone must have stuck in the back of a closet for a couple years before salvaging Their options are too rigid for shooting it's Anthony Morrow; for offense Kyle Singler; for defense Andre

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29 Сен 2018 в 12:57pm
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